Re: [Evolution] Using evo for read-only folders?

No, evolution needs to add a uid header so it can uniquely identify messages in the event the mailbox is altered during a session (which presumably will happen).

You could try maildir format folders with permissions set approprately - that may, or may not, work.  But mailbox definitely wont.  Or use som imap server for the sharing.

On Thu, 2005-01-06 at 14:18 +0100, Carsten Pedersen wrote:
Two Evo users on my setup, both of which access their mail in UNIX

User A would like to share a certain mailbox with user B, and has made
that particular mbox world-readable. B can cat the mbox file, but of
course not write to it.

User B has configured Evo to use that mbox file, but when accessing the
mail folder the following error appears:

  Error while 'Opening folder spool:/users/a/admin/#admin':
  Could not open file: /users/a/admin//admin: Permission denied

I presume Evo is trying to open the file in read/write mode. Is there
some way of making it accept read-only permissions?

/ Carsten

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