Re: [Evolution] new feature request -- customise action of 'junk' button

On Sat, 2005-15-01 at 12:41 +1300, Russell Fulton wrote:
OK, I'm happy with that, except that I can't figure out how the mail is
passed to sa-learn.  So far as I can tell evo invokes sa-learn with the
parameters "--rebuild --local" and does not read anything from stdin.

sa-learn should read from a file, if I'm not mistaken. I don't know what
Evolution does, but I would assume it passes a file name as an argument.
Have you tried:

/usr/bin/sa-learn --ham "$1"

You may need to use the --mbox option too, depends on the format of the

I could be completely wrong, but it's easy enough to try.

I've found a copy of the sa-learn man page and I can't find any
reference to --rebuild.  sa-learn seems to expect to be pointed at a

--rebuild makes it rebuild the Bayesian database. It is, I believe, the
default value. You can tell it not to rebuild the database with  --no-
rebuild. This is useful if you are going to call sa-learn a bunch of
times in a row - call it with --no-rebuild, then at the end you can run
"sa-learn --rebuild". Or better, something like "nice sa-learn --rebuild
--showdots". I don't know why this isn't in the man page - I'm sure I
learned it from some man page or other. Maybe it's been replaced with --
sync and --no-sync, but --rebuild and --no-rebuild still work for
backwards compatibility? Just a guess...

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