Re: [Evolution] Feature requests - My list

On Thu, 2005-01-06 at 01:31, Alan wrote:
Since people are asking for features, I might as well add mine to the

1)  Allow searching on headers.  Sometimes I have an e-mail that has
information in the headers that I want to find in other messages.
(Tracking down virus propagation, for one.  Some other sysadmin-type

this is hard to do in any reasonably since it would require the parsing
of all messages in a folder on the fly - and that is a huge task.

the options that are currently available for searching are things that
are cached in memory always so it can always be really fast.

2) Ability to define the port numbers that pop3 and imap connect to.  (I
use SSH to tunnel from my laptop to my mail server to transfer mail back
and forth.  It would be nice to not have to use fetchmail or other hacks
to move the mail.  One hack is enough.)

you already can.


3) Ability to set an e-mail folder to move all mail before a certain
point to an archive folder.  (Which can be burned off to DVD or some
other location.)  I know I can do it with a separate Perl script, but I
would prefer a method that does not require rebuilding the indexes each
time.)  This one would help with large collections of mail and machines
with less than a gig of memory.  (On my old system I had to close
everything to get to my mail due to the amount of folders.)

4) A conversion routine for importing Evolution 1.x ~/evolution
directories into Evolution 2.x.  It is helpful when you are moving mail
between systems.  There may be a routine for this, but the import menu
item is not it.

this works automatically when you run evolution 2.x for the first time


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