Re: [Evolution] Comments and questions on the Evolution mailer

%% Svante Signell <svante signell telia com> writes:

  ss> On Mon, 2005-01-03 at 11:34 +0100, guenther wrote:
  >> > A thing just recently discovered: If I attach a file I cannot preview it
  >> > before submitting it! Isn't this a missing feature?? Perhaps one want to
  >> > check that the correct file was attached and review it's content??
  >> FWIW, I just checked Mozilla and it doesn't allow neither editing nor
  >> viewing attachments in the Composer as well. Does any MUA allow such
  >> action?

  ss> Emacs VM already have this feature, just previewing before sending, no
  ss> editing.

There are two ways to massage attachments before sending them in VM.
One, MIME preview, is as you say: it displays a preview of what the
message will look like to the receiver (as best it can: remember it's
displaying in Emacs not the receiver's MUA), with the attachments
displayed, or whatever.  In this mode you cannot change anything in the
attachments in the preview display.

The other is kind of the opposite: C-c C-e, or "encode", will replace
the mail buffer with a fully-encoded, raw copy of the message that will
be sent to the MTA by VM.  Basically it does all the MIME processing on
your message, then displays it to you instead of sending it.  You see
all the MIME headers, and the attachments will be inserted.  If the
attachment is text/plain or similar then you can actually go in and edit
it (MIME doesn't have any checksum/size values in the headers for
attachments so doing this won't hurt anything).

This is different in that it actually changes your mail buffer, rather
than showing a separate, "preview" pane.  When you send this mail, VM
just skips the MIME-encoding step, which it already did, and sends the
mail as you see it on the screen.

Obviously not for everyone but for many of us hackers this is truly a
great feature :-).

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