Re: [Evolution] Evolution can't open encrypted mail

hmmm, seems to work fine for me. unfortunately "error -8147" is an error
from the mozilla nss library so we have no easy way to figure out what
the error actually is :(


On Thu, 2004-12-23 at 19:39 -0400, Adolfo Bello wrote:
To protect my passwords, I usually send encrypted mails to myself using
my Thawte freemail certificate.

Evolution sends the mails fine and I can read them with Mozilla mail
without problem. Mails are store in a Cyrus imap server.

However, I can't read them using Evolution. It complains with "Decoder
failed, error -8147".

After composing the message I select Security -> S/MIME Encrypt and
press the Send button.

Using Evolution 2.0.3 under Mandrake 10, kernel 2.6.3-19mdk.

Happy Holidays,

Jeffrey Stedfast
Evolution Hacker - Novell, Inc.
fejj ximian com  -

Attachment: smime.p7s
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