Re: [Evolution] Evolution 2.0 is a great PIM but misses too much

I'm not really up on KDE as I use Gnome almost exclusively, but aren't
dockers a KDE function, whereas evolution is a Gnome app.  From my point
of view, Evo integrates very well into the Gnome desktop - including
being able to access Evo calendars & to do lists from the calendar
applet.  I suppose I could equally as well complain that Kmail and so on
are deficient because they don't integrate into the Gnome environment.
I guess most of the application which has to be running trough out
session life of a login, requires a dock app so that user can click the
X button but the app keeps running hanging to a dock in a corner of the
desktop, like GAIM. So Kontact has a dock app, I guess it works fine
with GNOME. 

Regardless, it would be great if evolution has a dock app and that works
fine at-least under GNOME.

Kevin Verma <kevinverma gmail com>

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