Re: [Evolution] Automatic Evolution Setup


If I do a gconftool-2 --shutdown, make sure no gconfd process are
running, and then make modifications to the gconf.xml source within
~/.gconf/apps/evolution, should i expect gconfd to read the changes from
disk? Does it have a persistent cache that I have to worry about? Is
there anything I need to do to force it to use the manual changes I


On Tue, 2005-02-08 at 13:36 -0700, JP Rosevear wrote:
No.  The latter talks to the gconf daemon and hences updates the memory
cache.  The former does not.

I am actually looking for the bare minimum settings that I would need to
keep evolution from opening up the setup assistant. I just want to put
in the users' email address, real name, and mail server info.

/apps/evolution/mail/accounts is the main thing that is checked.  You
also likely want to add the timezone for the calendar.


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