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Umm.. ok. seriously man, it's just an email. Calm down. I've been trying to unsubscribe also, but you don't need to go flaming the Gnome developers for little hiccup in their mail system. Give me a break. The gnome desktop is, in my opinion, still the best desktop out there. They continue to focus on being innovative without bloating it to death, and I see that as something valuable. I've been using gnome for about 4 years now and I doubt I'll ever use anything else. (just my $0.02)

Stephen Green wrote:

Is anyone at Gnome aware? do you guys know what wrong with your evolution mail lists, don't you people keep up with the sections that don't work right? I have tried unsuccessfully to *unsubcribe* from your evolution mailing lists, and I 'm recieving email from other people trying to *unsubscribe* from those same lists...In my mailbox? Whats that about? Why on earth would mail meant for you people be landing in *my mailbox*? Another subscriber, a disgusted one at that! You've forced me to set my email filters to treat your emails as junk, and I get a dozen or so a day.
I'm so disappointed with both the evolution software its self, and with
this whole Gnome business. So much so that I've stopped using the Gnome desktop in the many various Linux distro's that I use and recomend to others... I wouldn't be so upset if it weren't for the fact that the whole evo-list thing you are mismanaging is a bad reflection on the whole Gnome thing, understand? Its been going for a week or so, to my chagrine, and there doesn't appear to be any responce from anyone at Gnome,
at all!
What a shame..

Stephen Green


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