[Evolution] Re: Exchange and Outlook->Evolultion Migration


The link below explains the migration of any data that you have stored
on your windows partition while using OutLook to your Linux partition,
so that the evolution running on Linux can access the data on your

If you do not have any locally stored data on your windows partition and
have all the data on server, then you only need to install the
evolution-exchange rpm, configure an Exchange account, and you should be
able to access your mails/calendar/contacts/tasks from Evolution.

-- Sarfraaz

On Mon, 2005-08-29 at 16:49 -0700, MJang wrote:

Just wondering how things work on MS Exchange and the conversion path
from MS Outlook-> Evolution. I've read docs such as

and can't find a clear answer - probably because I'm not a MS Exchange

I understand that I have to install the evolution-exchange RPM or DEB to
facilitate an Evolution connection to MS Exchange.

Is all the data on the server - and therefore, no conversion required
through Mozilla Mail? Or are these migration steps required even for
users with MS Exchange accounts?


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