Re: [Evolution] Stupid MUA Behavior (Trash)

On Tue, 2005-08-23 at 07:45 -0600, Jeffrey D. Means wrote:
Why is it that when using Evolution as a MUA with IMAP when I delete a
piece of mail I have to take a 4 step process to actually delete the
1: Pressing delete places it in the Evolution Trash folder for the
IMAP account

hitting delete on a message in, say, INBOX, just flags the message as
deleted (this is how IMAP works, and in fact, all other mail clients)

2: Expunging the IMAP Account/IMAP/Trash folder moves it to my IMAP
Account/Inbox/Trash folder

no idea what you are saying here as this makes no sense.

if you Expunge in INBOX (or whatever folder you deleted a message from),
it removes it from the server (and virtual Trash folder as well)

3: Deleting the items in the IMAP Account/Inbox/Trash folder

no need... and in fact can't. a message in the Trash folder is already
marked as Deleted.

4: Finally now I can / have to expunge the Inbox/Trash as well

eh? the message was completely wiped from the server at step 2...

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