[Evolution] Stupid MUA Behavior (Trash)

Why is it that when using Evolution as a MUA with IMAP when I delete a piece of mail I have to take a 4 step process to actually delete the trash:
1: Pressing delete places it in the Evolution Trash folder for the IMAP account
2: Expunging the IMAP Account/IMAP/Trash folder moves it to my IMAP Account/Inbox/Trash folder
3: Deleting the items in the IMAP Account/Inbox/Trash folder
4: Finally now I can / have to expunge the Inbox/Trash as well

This is not how I expect the delete process to work (Let me know if this really is the expected behavior, I can't imagine that it is though.)  I have two solutions to this process:
1: Remove the Evolution catch folder Trash for accounts that are IMAP
2: When expunging the Evolution Trash folder actually delete the mail rather than telling the IMAP server to delete the mail (Probably not possible because of constraints / compatibility issues on the IMAP server)

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