Re: [Evolution] Evolution on Debian 3.1 Testing

hi mark,

Am Montag, den 22.08.2005, 20:37 +0100 schrieb Mark Wilkinson:
I'm writing this from my Windows partition (I'd rather be using my 
Debian 3.1 Testing partition) as Evolution crashes upon startup with the 
seemingly famous 'This application has quit unexpectedly' message.

which evolution version are you running exactly? 2.2.3 is the latest
stable release.

hoping somebody can tell me:

a)  Whether I should be talking on this list, or finding out who the 
Debian maintainer is for the evolution package and talking directly to them.

depends if it's only a problem of the debian build or a general
evolution problem, what we both do not know currently. ;-)

b) Which log files I should be looking at for further information, and 
the best way to provide people with that information.

what is the output if you run evolution from a shell? if evolution
crashes, please take a look at section "Debugging Evolution's Crashes"
at <> and submit the
"debugging info" (it's called gdb stacktrace or backtrace) either on a
new bug report at <> or post it again to this
list (posting to bugzilla is preferred by the developers, by the
way :-).


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