[Evolution] Re: [Evolution-hackers] Addressbook vanished

Am Freitag, den 19.08.2005, 14:44 +0200 schrieb Jules Colding:

My contacts vanished suddenly while running Evolution 2.2.3 on Gentoo.
The db is still there, and big, but the Contacts component doesn't show

Any specific environment flags that I my turn on to get usable debug
output to report to the list?

not for the contacts afaik. you can find the available options at the
section "Debugging Evolution's Crashes" at

is there any output if you start evo from the shell?

how many addressbooks do you have?

also, the addressbooks evo owns are stored in its settings, and the
settings are stored in gconf [1] at the key
"/apps/evolution/addressbook/sources". what does that key contain at
your computer?


[1] gconf is a kind of registry for gnome. you can edit gconf by using
"gconf-editor" or at the shell by running "gconftool-2".

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