[Evolution] Scripted migration of e-mail from Thunderbird to Evolution

I'm looking for information on how to perform a basic "automated" migration of Thunderbird's mbox data to Evolution. It appears I can migrate mail in an mbox format into Evolution by coping the mbox files, more or less. See this script for the details (http://www.antezeta.com/beagle/copy_thunderbird.sh) . However, I would also like to be able to create Evolution's meta files without having to manually open evolution and touch each folder. By meta files, I mean:


On the net, I couldn't find migration examples from Thunderbird nor scripts for Mozilla mail. Evolution does have a built-in import routine for Netscape mail, but this is not Thunderbird aware - nor am I aware how to launch it from the command line.

I am working with version 2.2.3.


Sean Carlos

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