Re: [Evolution] Maildir vs. POP functionality

On Fri, 2005-08-19 at 10:51 +0800, Not Zed wrote:
Umm, the whole point of maildir is that it doesn't move, it *should*
stay where it is.

I don't understand this comment, since I never suggested/recommended
moving anything.

Well, I did explain that I was using POP, and then switched to
Maildir, with the note that I was guessing that the behavior was
expected.  I was hoping that someone could offer some clarification
and hints (thanks, Ron, for your sugguestions!).  My situation is that
I've got a lot of email stored under Evolution's directories, and now
I also have a lot of mail in Maidir (didn't realize Maildir's storage
behavor right away, because I was moving mail to 'subfolders' in the
application, without noticing that the actual mail stayed in Maildir).

Yes, but you need an aggravating work-around.

If qmail drops each mail into ~/Maildir, then you should think
about installing Courier IMAP, and then having Evo access mail
via IMAP.  Works great for me, and is MUA-independent, so if Evo
ever gets cantankerous, you can still read your email.

Ron, thanks for your suggestion.  I will have to investigate Courier
IMAP - that'll be something completely new to me.  But, hey, it's
something to do :)


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