Re: [Evolution] Desperately trying to empty the trash!!


On Wed, 2005-08-17 at 15:58, Not Zed wrote:
Try removing the '*summary*' file corresponding to that folder (to be
honest I can't remember where that will be, perhaps
'evolution/local/Inbox/mbox*summary*', and then restarting.

It is a long-standing bug that isn't fixed yet on any released version
of evolution.

(FWIW, we no longer support anything older than 2.2.x).

Thanks very much for your help! The file in question was:


And I have successfully got rid of all the trash :-)

Thanks again!

P.S. Have dragged down latest sources too, as well as gcc, but so far I'm having a problem getting gcc to run 
- I'll keep trying!

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