Re: [Evolution] Desperately trying to empty the trash!!

Try removing the '*summary*' file corresponding to that folder (to be
honest I can't remember where that will be, perhaps
'evolution/local/Inbox/mbox*summary*', and then restarting.

It is a long-standing bug that isn't fixed yet on any released version
of evolution.

(FWIW, we no longer support anything older than 2.2.x).

On Wed, 2005-08-17 at 08:11 +0000, Paul (Jimbo) Duncan G7KES wrote:

I'm running the version of Evolution that came with Sun's Solaris 10. According to help about it is version I'm assuming that the problem I have may be caused by a bug thats already been fixed, but I 
don't know (didn't manage to find anything relevant on Google).

Anyway, every time I try to empty the trash, an error box comes up containing these words:

      Error while 'Expunging folder':
      Error storing `Local folders/Inbox': Summary and folder
      mismatch, even after a sync

Can anyone give me ideas on how to sort this out or work around it - the amount of trash on my system is 
now getting worringly large!!



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