Re: [Evolution] [2.3.7] trouble using imap

I've seen a bug with courier that reports using LSUB that the folder is

Not much we can do about such a crap bug like that.

Try turning off 'show only subscribed folders', perhaps.

On Mon, 2005-08-15 at 20:41 +0000, Jens Ansorg wrote:

I wonder whether this is a known issue in the dev version:

I use evolution to read mail from three IMAP accounts at my provider.
All are on the same server, just different user names etc.

All imap mailboxes look like

  - Drafts
  - Sent
  - Trash
  - various other sub folders

for two of the mail boxes I do not see any content in the INBOX.

I see the number(x) of new messages on the folder name but no mail is

When I check "properties" of those two INBOXes I get the correct number
of total/unread messages.

I can see all mail in any of the sub folders

But I do not get any mail in the INBOX - quite annoying ...

Also, when i.e. creating a vFolder I cannot select those INBOXes in the
"Select Folder" dialog window. 

the third Imap Mailbox works fine.

I did remove and recreate those two broken Imap accounts (and deleted
all related files in ~/.evolution) but that did not help at all

any ideas?

Jens Ansorg 

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