Re: [Evolution] Debug Evo Calendar functions?

On Thu, 2005-08-04 at 14:35 -0700, Greg Tassone wrote:
I didn't receive any further responses from my last post, and my problem
is critical.  Therefore, I'll ask a simple question:

How can I debug Evolution's Calendar functions?  

If there's a difference between that and Evo Data Server, how do I debug
it as well?

My Evolution data is SO BROKEN after that failed gpilot sync that even
blowing away my ".evolution/calendar" and ".evolution/tasks" directories
STILL won't allow new items to be added to the new calendar.  (This was
after running "evolution --force-shutdown", of course.)  Something in my
data's state has been damaged by gpilot somehow and I CANNOT GET IT


Even my critical bug on Bugzilla has gone totally without response.
This is not instilling confidence in the product, the team, etc.

No, it wouldn't be would it ... But fwiw, your bug is one of 10's of
hundreds, so it isn't unusual there is no response to a bug in only a
week - bugs are prioritised and it takes a long time to fix even simple
ones.  It is physically impossible to attend to all bugs with immediacy.

Anyway, there will be additional state stored in gconf, you may be able
to just delete stuff there.  If you remove the files themselves, make
sure you run gconftool-2 --shutdown first.  Note that it stores the list
of all calendars/addressbooks and all mail accounts there too, so you
probably don't want to just delete everything (then again mayube you do
want to delete all of the calendar/addressbook stuff, if you just
shutdown/mv it somewhere else, you can always restore it afterwards).

eds runs as a separate executable, you should be able to just run it
directly in one terminal, perhaps inside gdb if you need that level of
debugging.  At least if you run it in a terminal you should get more
warnings about issues.  I normally use ps to find which executable it's
running, but it will be something like

That's about the limit of my knowledge - I work almost exclusively on
the mailer which does things differently.


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