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On Fri, 2005-04-29 at 17:35 +0200, BlinkEye wrote:

these are actually questions. if they can't be answered as they are not
implemented what should i do? open a bug?

first feature request:
i don't know where to hide the buttons (Mail, Contacts, Calendars,
Tasks). it would be very useful as i can't affort to waste space on very
big icons on my 12" display. is there any way i might remove those

second feature request:
a configurable shortkey editor would be VERY useful. i'm not able to
display via a shortcut the "full header". it's very annoying if you have
things you frequently do but can't customize quickly. what needs to be
done at the moment via shortcut is: "Alt+View", "M", "V". how about just
hitting "H" or even setting the shortcut indivdually?

There is a work around here, its a bit messy but it works -- the only
problem is that you have to redo it after every upgrade.

THe key maps are all stored in xml format in a ascii file so you can
edit them.  Now to remember where the file is <pause while I search the
disk :( >


    <cmd name="ViewFullHeaders"
     _tip="Show message with all email headers"
     type="radio" group="message_display"/>

    <cmd name="ViewNormal"
     _tip="Show message in the normal style"
     type="radio" group="message_display"/>

    <cmd name="ViewSource"
     _tip="Show the raw email source of the message"
     type="radio" group="message_display"/>

You can add "accel" clause of the form:

See other examples from the file.

Note to developers.  Can we *please* have a way to save these changes
locally.  It's a real pain having to redo these every time one upgrades!

Cheers, Russell

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