[Evolution] feature requests


these are actually questions. if they can't be answered as they are not
implemented what should i do? open a bug?

first feature request:
i don't know where to hide the buttons (Mail, Contacts, Calendars,
Tasks). it would be very useful as i can't affort to waste space on very
big icons on my 12" display. is there any way i might remove those

second feature request:
a configurable shortkey editor would be VERY useful. i'm not able to
display via a shortcut the "full header". it's very annoying if you have
things you frequently do but can't customize quickly. what needs to be
done at the moment via shortcut is: "Alt+View", "M", "V". how about just
hitting "H" or even setting the shortcut indivdually?

third feature request:
Although one is able to set the standard display header i prefer the
option thunderbird offers: a simple icon where you may fold in/out the
headers from one information to all information you set. 

don't get me wrong. i like this piece of software a lot. even though i
minimize my boxes to the utmost (gentoo freek ;-)) i still like evo the
most of the clients. i'm considering switching to thunderbird though
(less dependencies) and because of the mentioned features above - if
only it would support local maildir (it has to, as offline imap isn't
useable neither).

"Contrary to popular belief, Unix is user friendly. It just happens to
be selective about who it makes friends with."

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