Re: [Evolution] Evolution backups with gmail

On Tue, 2005-04-12 at 21:09 +0200, Kris Luyten wrote:

I've used Evolution for several years now, and my local inbox is
getting pretty full, so I was looking for good way to backup my
emails. I was wondering whether there is a way to backup emails
already in evolution in my gmail account (e.g. by redirecting all
mails in a folder to my gmail account). I would also like to
"redirect" certain incoming mails directly to my gmail account with a
filter, but this doesn't seem possible? Is there a way to do these two

You can redirect by setting up a filter which runs a script. "pipe to command" or whatever it is.  This script can then send the email on, etc.  This could probably be used to achieve both of these tasks.

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