[Evolution] imap...synchronization chaos ;)


i am using evolution-1.5.93.

when i create an imap account i have an option to:
"Automatically synchronize remote mail locally".

and also when i right click an imap folder,
i have an option to:
"Copy folder content locally for offline operation"

i am confused..what those option do EXACTLY?

here's what i am trying to achieve:

for now i use offlineimap.
it's a program, that every 5 minutes synchronizes my remote
imap mailbox to a local maildir directory.

and i've set up evolution to read my mail from the local maildir
because this way my mail stays on the server (so i can just delete/loose
my local copy without loosing any data), it's accessible from other
places too,
but it's also on my laptop, so i can read my already-downloaded mail

is this possible to achieve with those offline-sync options in

because when in the past i tested some mail clients, they only fetched
the mails
when you chose to go offline.
but that's not good enough. i don't want to have to do it manually, and
also don't
want to wait sooo looong while he fetches all my mail (offlineimap only
the differences, so it's pretty fast).


p.s: is the subscription system working? i tried twice to subscribe to
this mailing list, but it did not work. i got the mail to reply to, and
i also replied, but that's all.

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