[Evolution] setting font size in message list / folder list? (1.5.93 / Slackware)

Evenin' all,

I've just got Evo 1.5.93 running on Slackware - the only issue being
that the font size for the message list and folder list is a little on
the large size. Is there anywhere I can change this within Evolution? (I
assume it's a global Gnome setting and for some reason Evo under
Slackware isn't picking the setting up)

I can change the message font size in preferences / mail prefs /
general, but of course that only affects messages and not the whole

Is Slackware ever likely to be officially supported by the way? I
haven't run it for about ten years, but after only an hour or so I'm
already glad that I ditched Redhat!



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