Re: [Evolution] Wish list: pick sender account based on recepient, etc

On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 02:41 +0100, James Ascroft-Leigh wrote:
On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 00:48 +0200, Enrique Perez-Terron wrote:


Sometimes I need to resend a message with some modifications. I wish
there were a more obvious way to "reactivate" a message in the Sent
folder. (Or actually, any message in any folder.) I want the
"reactivated" message to inherit the same list of recipients (and the
distribution of recipients into To: Cc: Bcc: fields) as the message in
the Sent (or whatever) folder.

I think the context menu for the message has a "Edit as New Message..."
option.  Also the "Actions" menu has the "Resend..." item.  Not sure if
these are the same but they seem to be what you are after.  This seems
to only apply to the designated sent folders.

"Edit as New Message ..." is correct (Opening the message from the
Drafts folder also works as I mentioned earlier). The "Actions" menu
item you refer to is "Redirect" which is a different function (some
other mailers confusingly call it Bounce): just pass the message along
to another address as if it had originally been sent there, but with no


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