Re: [Evolution] Wish list: pick sender account based on recepient, etc

On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 00:48 +0200, Enrique Perez-Terron wrote:

I use a different email account when I send ordinary email and when I
subscribe to a mailing list. However, when posting to a list I forget
too often to choose the appropriate account, and then I get a message
that the post is awaiting moderator's consent because it originates with
a nonmember.

I wish I could make Evolution associate a send-from account with each
contact, so that when I post a message to that contact, the
corresponding sender account is chosen when the mail composer window is

This would be useful.

Sometimes I need to resend a message with some modifications. I wish
there were a more obvious way to "reactivate" a message in the Sent
folder. (Or actually, any message in any folder.) I want the
"reactivated" message to inherit the same list of recipients (and the
distribution of recipients into To: Cc: Bcc: fields) as the message in
the Sent (or whatever) folder.

You can move (or copy) the message to the drafts folder, in which case
opening it allows you to edit and send. Opening it in other folders just
lets you read it. Somewhat non-obvious, but it works.

Some time ago I wanted to be able to send the same message to all
members of a list, without disclosing the email address of the other
list participants to each recipient. I tried to type the list name in
the Bcc field, but that was not accepted by the mail servers. I even
tried to have a fake address in the To: field, but that got me into
other troubles as well. I wish I could have Evo reissue the mail to each
member of the list, without spelling out the list memebers in the to:
and Cc: fields. Place the current list member in To: and omit mention of
all others. Or have each server believe that this is a Bcc, the To:
field (which actually contains e.g., the list name) has already been
dealt with.

Assuming you mean a real mailing list run from a list manager like
Mailman or Listserv, I don't see how Evo could possibly do this: it
doesn't know the list membership.


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