Re: [Evolution] Wish list: pick sender account based on recepient, etc

On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 00:48 +0200, Enrique Perez-Terron wrote:


Sometimes I need to resend a message with some modifications. I wish
there were a more obvious way to "reactivate" a message in the Sent
folder. (Or actually, any message in any folder.) I want the
"reactivated" message to inherit the same list of recipients (and the
distribution of recipients into To: Cc: Bcc: fields) as the message in
the Sent (or whatever) folder.

I think the context menu for the message has a "Edit as New Message..."
option.  Also the "Actions" menu has the "Resend..." item.  Not sure if
these are the same but they seem to be what you are after.  This seems
to only apply to the designated sent folders.

Personally, I have the the same folder as both my inbox and sent folder
but I only ever look at it through vFolders.  I would seem, in this
context, nicer for Evolution to allow these options on a per-message
basis and retain the property when viewing through a vFolder.  It might
already be the case that whether a message is a sent message or a
received one can be determined from the magic X-Evolution* headers

On a few occasions I wanted to know what the mail I was about to send
was going to look like in source form. Probably I was yrying to figure
out if the message was being converted to HTML in some bad way. So, I
wish there were a "view source" or "display source" or even "edit
source" menu option in the View and/or Edit menus. I would even like to
be able to add special headers to the mails I send. Perhaps I would like
to add by hand a header saying that the message is in response to a
particular message.

I think the only way to achieve this at the moment would be to intercept
the message after passing out of Evolution.  You might want to look at
setting up a "Pipe to Program" filter on outgoing messages.

Today, when trying to resend a message, I cut and paste the text of the
old message into a new one, and then the whole paste became framed
inside a dotted line. I could place the cursor outside this frame, in
which case the cursor became as tall as the entire framed text. I could
not find any easy way to "unpack" the frame, and had to cut and paste
the contents of the frame into the lines above the frame, and then
delete the frame.

I think the dotted box you refer to is indicative of "Caret Mode" (on
the "Message Display" sub-menu of the "View" menu, toggle shortcut F7).
Turning off caret mode should make it behave more as you are expecting.


I also wish Evo could automatically reap email addresses from all
messages I receive and send, and be able to search that list when
filling in To, Cc, and Bcc fields.

It will already search the contact lists you have told it to search when
setting the recipients.  I don't think there is reaper as you suggest
but I find right clicking on a received message and selecting "Add
Sender to Addressbook" is almost as easy and gives me more control.

Sometimes I click Reply to All, then delete and rearrange the recipient
addresses. I wish I could drag and drop addresses between the fields.

Maybe one day...


Some time ago I wanted to be able to send the same message to all
members of a list, without disclosing the email address of the other
list participants to each recipient. I tried to type the list name in
the Bcc field, but that was not accepted by the mail servers. I even
tried to have a fake address in the To: field, but that got me into
other troubles as well. I wish I could have Evo reissue the mail to each
member of the list, without spelling out the list memebers in the to:
and Cc: fields. Place the current list member in To: and omit mention of
all others. Or have each server believe that this is a Bcc, the To:
field (which actually contains e.g., the list name) has already been
dealt with.

You can turn on the "Hide addresses when sending mail to this list"
option in the mailing list properties.

What do you think?

Some of the things you ask seem to already be present, perhaps the
hackers can comment on the others.

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