Re: [Evolution] Character encoding and expunge?

Not Zed wrote:
On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 11:06 +0200, BjÃrn T Johansen wrote:

Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
because the subject encoding is broken and does not conform to the spec
(which means this is probably spam anyway, so who cares???)

for more information, read rfc2047 and rfc0822

Well, it's not spam, it's actually mail from a customer... And I am guessing that it does not conform to the spec... But I was just curious why Evolution doesn't handle this since most of the other MUA does?

The short of it is that the code in question is hairy enough as it is, without adding more workarounds for software who'se authors clearly haven't read the spec, or tried to interoperate in any way.

Particularly with the plethora of hacked up mailers out there, everything from perl web mailers to [gk]mailers, it would seem pretty well a waste of time to put in a fix just because SlopMail pre-Beta 0.0.95 didn't send out valid messages (as evolution has itself done in the past), particularly since it might even be fixed by now.

Well, that's fair enough... it's just annoying, especially since I am getting a lot of mail from my customer...

And also, when using IMAP, why isn't the seen flag marked when I have
read the email? I have to eg. go to another folder en back again to make
sure the mail is marked as read..

because it's a lot slower??? :-)

flag syncing is delayed until either:

1. a timeout expires
2. folder change

It can't be that much slower but then I am running my own mailserver on my LAN and I don't have any trouble with bandwidth... :)

Yes but we can't tell that from evolution. The delay could be unspecifically long.

Sure we could do better, e.g. launch a background thread to do the flag syncing while we're displaying our version of the flags. But there's only so many hours in a day and other more important problems to fix too. The code didn't have the mechamisms to manage background tasks until fairly recently. And well, as i keep saying (hinting), nobody's sent us a patch either.

Or just an option to tell if the flag syncing should be done immediately or not, but I wan't nag about this anymore... :)


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