Re: [Evolution] Character encoding and expunge?

On Sun, 2004-05-23 at 15:17, Bjørn T Johansen wrote:

I have been using Evolution awhile but lately I have been using
Thunderbird because of two things that annoys me about Evolution.
And I have just downloaded the latest development snapshot for SuSE 9.1
but sadly, the two things are still there...

Mainly, evol. doesn't show every mail correctly regarding character
enconding.. Some mail looks like this..:

Hva som skal st=?ISO-8859-1?B?5Q==?=
I mail som sendes u

Why isn't this shown like this ??:

Subject: Hva som skal stå I mail som sendes u

because the subject encoding is broken and does not conform to the spec
(which means this is probably spam anyway, so who cares???)

for more information, read rfc2047 and rfc0822

Second, why isn't there an option that make it possible to enable "hard"
delete of mail instead of delete and then have to press Ctrl-E to
expunge the mail. This should be a small task to implement, the code is
already there, just combine it... :)

because it's a lot slower??? besides, EXPUNGE expunges the mailbox, not
just a singleton message. why is it really that bad that it waits to
expunge them all at once? makes more sense to me...

And also, when using IMAP, why isn't the seen flag marked when I have
read the email? I have to eg. go to another folder en back again to make
sure the mail is marked as read..

because it's a lot slower??? :-)

flag syncing is delayed until either:

1. a timeout expires
2. folder change

I must say that I really like Evolution and I like the look of the new
2.0 version but until these things are fixed, thunderbird is my game...

then I guess you'll have to stick with thunderbird...


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