Re: [Evolution] Triple alarm windows

On Thu, 2004-05-20 at 12:11, John T. Guthrie wrote:
On Thu, 2004-05-20 at 04:30, Rodrigo Moya wrote: 
On Wed, 2004-05-19 at 20:19 -0400, John T. Guthrie wrote:
Hi all,


do you have more than one alarm daemon running? (ps ax | grep alarm)


Nope, I only have one alarm process:

riemann_1134% ps ax | grep alarm
5519 ?        SN     0:00
11904 pts/4    SN     0:00 grep -n alarm

(That alarm process is split over several lines.)  Okay, this is real
weird.  I just used --force-shutdown to restart evolution, and several
new reminders that I just did set are coming up in just singles.  There
should be some other alarms in about 6 hours that have been coming up
for several weeks as triples despite having used --force-shutdown in the
past.  I'll let you know how what happens with them.  (I still have only
one alarm process both before and after --force-shutdown.)  Now some of
these events have multiple alarms in them.  Could that be causing some
sort of problem?  (I'm just grasping at straws here.)

I really don't like it when problems solve themselves for no apparent

Thanks for your help.

Okay, I was just able to reproduce this successfully.  Get ready for
this now:  If you import a file into your calendar that has more than
one event in it, then any alarms on any event after the first event in
the file will get this triple alarm effect.  That is those alarms will
have three windows pop up instead of the usual one.  If you add any
alarms to the events after the first event in the file, those new alarms
will only appear once.  In all cases, there has been only a single alarm

Earlier, I needed to restart evolution from scratch for some reason. 
This meant that I needed to save all of my data out and then re-import
it, including my calendar.  From the preceding paragraph, this is where
the triple alarms came from.  I then tried to reproduce a triple alarm
by creating a new event with an alarm and by adding a new alarm.  From
the tests that I just did, these things don't work for the triple alarm
effect, hence the seeming disappearance of the problem.  This feels like
a bug, so I'm going to go open something in bugzilla...  ;-P


John Guthrie
guthrie counterexample org

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