Re: [Evolution] Spamassassin, Junk/Not-Junk, Training

On Fri, 2004-05-21 at 09:12, Mattias Eriksson wrote:
fre 2004-05-21 klockan 03.57 skrev Not Zed:
Anyway just use filters then, evo gives you the choice.  If you choose
not to use it thats your problem.

So if I understand this correctly it will still be possible in evolution
2.0 to have the exact same setup as in 1.4?  (i.e. using a filter to
pipe e-mail to SA and physically move it to a different folder based on
the return code.)


I think the vfolder junkmail is a nice way, but it would be nice to have
an option to move the spam to another physical folder for some

Isn't this possible then?  Or perhaps it isn't possible when using IMAP?

AFAIK (I just tried this succesfully) you can move messages in a vfolder
to a physical folder.  So you should be able to check the junk-vfolder
select all spam, move it to a physical folder and finally train all FP's
as ham.  This way the only spam you'll see in your inbox when you're
using a different client will be "new" spam.

Or am I missing something here?



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