Re: [Evolution] Spamassassin, Junk/Not-Junk, Training

fre 2004-05-21 klockan 03.57 skrev Not Zed:
This is a bizarre email.  What are you on about?  1.4.x doesn't
support junk, so what has 1.4.6 got to do with it at all?

Well that is the problem I guess. If you use Junk mail filtering in evo
1.5 and then use another mailer the mailbox still has all the junk
(since the junkfiltering is just vfolder-magic).

Anyway just use filters then, evo gives you the choice.  If you choose
not to use it thats your problem.

It is not always possible, I for example use different mailers at home
and at work. So I do some mailinglist related filtering on the server,
this means that I never have any mail in my INBOX. The reason to not
handle junkfiltering on the server is that is makes it a lot harder to
train the spamfilter since it will not be integrated in the mailer.
In my case I can't do any filtering at all since it is only possible to
have filtering for the INBOX when you use IMAP. 

I think the vfolder junkmail is a nice way, but it would be nice to have
an option to move the spam to another physical folder for some
Another thing that would be nice is to be able to have filtering for all
mailboxes over IMAP (and it would also solve the move the spam thing).
Now I don't know why the filtering is limited, but I know the issue has
been discussed before so I guess there is a reason for it. 

I don't mean this mail as a complaint of any kind, I think you are doing
a great job and I know that it is a complex piece of software. I just
wanted to point out that there might be scenarios that have legitimate
reasons for these features, even if it is only for a minority of users.


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