Re: [Evolution] Evo: backing up & restoring to new machine

On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 13:18, Eric Lambart wrote:
On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 11:56 -0600, John Schmidt wrote:

> Don't want to beat this topic into the ground, but...I went back and
> tried this method suggested by Not Zed.  I killed gconf on both
> machines, killed evolution on both machines and rsync'd the evolution
> and .gconf trees over again.  It did not restore my environment back
> to what I expected.

Did you just "kill" Evolution, or run "evolution --force-shutdown"?  The
latter option should be run before backing up (or restoring) any files,
because it causes information held in memory to be written to disk.

I used 'evolution --force-shutdown' and 'gconftool-2 --shutdown' on both computers and then used rsync -av to transfer the evolution and .gconf files.

It wasn't a slam-dunk migration but I'm pretty much back to where I need to be after some manual config work...

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