Re: [Evolution] Evo: backing up & restoring to new machine

For local email, the important locations are ~/evolution or ~/.evolution >= version 1.5.

If you do them, you will get all your local email back, regardless of any other settings.


if you also want your settings (version 1.4 or later, otherwise just ~/evolution).

But you must shutdown gconf before restoring the files otherwise it may not pick them up properly.
(gconftool-2 --shutdown).  Also you should shut it, and evolution, down before taking the backup, for consistency.

That's it really - only those two directories are used unless you've setup specific external file sources (maildir, mh trees, etc).

There has been a fair bit of discussion about this stuff on the list before - check the archives.

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 19:16 +0000, melissad speakeasy net wrote:
having experienced a major hard disk and power supply issue this weekend, I finally want to ask this list what I have been wanting to know definitively since Evo 1.1.x.  How can I move my mail, including folders and contacts to a CD, and then to another machine, or what do I need to do to copy to a CD or flash drive and restore after re-installing Linux on a different HDD.
I have had zero success at this in the past.  Would appreciate a step-by-step from anyone who has had success.
Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>

Ximian Evolution and Free Software Developer

Novell, Inc.

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