Re: [Evolution] OpenPGP/GPG inline message support

I'll add one thing, we had a bounty open for this and some preliminary patches.

So one day it will be implemented, I guess.

It isn't a priority though, since we have pgp/mime, which works, and isn't quite as broken as inline pgp clearly is (it is quite likely an openpgp format message will not be verifyable at the receiving end, for example).

On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 16:06 -0500, Brian G. Peterson wrote:
I'm writing to inquire after the status of inline OpenPGP support in
Evolution.  Google and the archive for this list (and my current
experience with Evolution) seem to indicate that inline OpenPGP messages
are *still* not supported.

inline support is required for full OpenPGP standards compliance, and
almost all OpenPGP compliant mailers offer some support for inline
encryption and signatures, if only on decrypt/verify.

The current draft OpenPGP RFC (RFC2440bis) will almost certainly contain
additional implementation details to make it easier for users to
indicate in thier keys which mail format that they wish others to use
when communicating with them.

RFC 3156 (OpenPGP/MIME) neither obsoletes nor modifies RFC 2440, but
rather offers a complimentary implementation of RFC 2440, and could be
said to extend that standard to clearly define how to use OpenPGP with MIME.

The fact is that inline support is required for the largest
interoperability, and is not hard to implement.  Not supporting it
causes huge interoperability problems with Microsoft's Outlook products,
and with many versions of Commercial PGP.

I'd love an update on the status of inline support.


   - Brian Peterson
     lead developer, GPG Plugin for Squirrelmail
     participant, IETF OpenPGP working group


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