Re: [Evolution] Installing Ximian connector from source

On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 10:18 +0200, Roalt Aalmoes wrote:
I managed to compile the fresh ximian-connector- tarball,
but not without adding a '-lsasl2' option both to the lib/Makefile and
the storage/Makefile (after LDAP_LIBS), because it just generated the
following messages:

/usr/lib/libldap.a(cyrus.o)(.text+0x23): In function
: undefined reference to `sasl_version'

Ah... Fedora's ldap package must not have .la files...

Error while 'Scanning folders in "Exchange server <my exchange
Could not connect to Evolution Exchange backend process: No such file or

What if you run
${prefix}/libexec/evolution/1.4/evolution-exchange-storage by hand from
a terminal first, and then start evolution?

-- Dan

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