Re: [Evolution] error adding card: permission denied

hi christoph,

i just looked after a bug in the bug database which i have read a few
days ago and which was about running out of diskspace, but cannot find
it anymore. :-(

i'd go on with some weird ideas: 

try the following:
shutdown evolution by running "evolution --force-shutdown".
rename your addressbook.db and addressbook.db.summary.
start evolution. a new addressbook should be created with a ximian entry.
perhaps you could just replace it again by your own addressbook? dunno...
of course it could also be that your file is corrupted which i assume.

and if nothing works you can copy the (non-binary) parts of your
addressbook into a vcf-file and import it by evolution. of course check
out the vcf-file format before. :-)

these are my ideas.


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