Re: [Evolution] home mail howto?

Not Zed,
Thanks again for the feedback.

You're right about my goal.  I just want to make sure that I figure out
how to get to that point without losing any of my old email messages.

I'm thinking that I'll need to move my mail from my home directory to
the spool directory, but I'm not exactly sure where to put it, and what
permissions to assign.

Right now when I try to create folders on the imap server, I get an
error "unable to create folder.  generic error" I assume that's because
of file permissions in the /var filesystem where I believe the imap
server is looking for my email.

I'm trying to decipher how to:
a) move my old mail to the 'right' location
b) set permissions so that I can create new folders there 
c) configure evolution to read and write properly to the imap server
d) how to configure fetchmail (or something similar) to pull the
messages from a pop source
e) write those to the 'right' location,
f) in the 'right' format so that I can use evolution to read the mail

I think that I'm clear on c) but I'm trying to understand the rest of

I'm guessing that I'm not the only person who would like to do this, and
I think once I get all of the parts pulled together I can write a HOWTO
on the topic.

Ideally I've put some sort of spam filtering in the process, too.

On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 09:31, Not Zed wrote:
What exactly are you after?

I thought you just wanted to access all your email by IMAP?

IMAP will normally see the spool directory as your IMAP INBOX anyway.

But I guess, sure, if you want to get the mail from the spool into the
evo folders, you can do that, just setup an account of type 'local
delivery', and point it to the spool file.  Then hit 'get mail', and
it will be transferred.

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