Re: [Evolution] home mail howto?

For evolution configuration, just setup your evolution to:
- access an imap account on the server
- set the smtp server to your isp's one
- set the account's 'sent' folder to be the one on the imap server.

The stuff in ~/evolution will never be seen by your imap server, it is private evolution data.

If you want it to show up on your server you're going to have to move the folders so the imap server can see them.

On Mon, 2004-05-10 at 17:56 -0400, Tom Cooper wrote:
I love using evolution, and have been an enthusiastic user for a VERY
long time.

I'd like to get my network at home set up with an imap server, and use
evolution as a client against the server.

Of course, since this is my home network, and SMTP is blocked by my ISP,
I'll need to use their outbound services, and I'm thinking of using
fetchmail to download from their pop services.

So, the desired outcome looks something like this:

|ISP   |
|SMTP  |	SMTP	     	
--------		     |-------|		|Various|	
			     |Redhat |		|PC's	|
			     |Svr    |		|on home|
--------		     |       |<-------->|LAN	|
|ISP   |		     |(IMAP) |	IMAP	|-------|
|POP3  |>-------->--------->-|-------|
|server|	Fetchmail

I'd like to be able to send directly to my ISP's mail server, and have
evolution write the sent mail to the sent folder on the Redhat box at my
house.  This way my inbox and outbox live on the same DASD and I can
easily back it all up. 

I've got imapd running on my RH box now, and I can see the spool
directory, but none of the mail that evolution has moved to

Does a howto exist for this, or do I need to figure it out and then
write one?

If none exists, does anyone know how hard it would be to get to the mbox
files in the various evolution directories from imap?  The UW imap
server seems to have sparse docs, unless I'm looking in the wrong

Thanks in advance for assistance!

Tom Cooper
Tom Cooper <tcooper starpower net>

evolution maillist  -  evolution lists ximian com
Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>

Ximian Evolution and Free Software Developer

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