Re: [Evolution] Various Details

On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 09:42, Not Zed wrote:

5) Back when I had to use MS Lookout my signature would aways apply and
would apply right after my typed message (actually my signature was put
in prior to my typing; the curser would always be started above it). <snip>

Umm, works for me (as below).  Exactly as you describe lookout doing it.

I'm not Jeremy, but if I might step in here I think I know what he's
talking about. In many, perhaps most, institutional environments,
top-posting has become the accepted protocol for replying to email
messages. Personally, I view this as an unfortunate trend, but all the
righteous indigination I can muster is not going to change this trend,
so to get along, I'm forced to reluctantly top-post at work.

In Evolution, when I top-post to a thread, the signature gets put at the
very bottom, after potentially several pages of other people's writing.
In Outlook, the signature gets put immediately after my text. I think
this is what Jeremy was referring to, as it's been an annoyance for me
when I use Evolution for work.


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