[Evolution] Various Details

I have continued my quest to work with Evolution to make it fully
functional for my needs. Here are a few issues that I would like to
resolve to assist this process.

1) My calendar pop-ups do not contain any details about what the subject
is about. I know their was a bit of conversation about this earlier but
I did not find any resolution. I am going to migrate to a new laptop in
a few weeks, will going to 1.5 be the fix for this?

2) I have poked around and tried to figure out how to set Evolution to
us US Letter paper as the default but have not made any progress. This
is the only application that defaults to it.

3) In viewing folders and mailboxes is their a way to have all threads
display "collapsed" by default. For the user groups I participate in it
makes parsing the head subject or reviewing historical emails much

4) I know this is a likely off topic but I am still looking for a way to
integrate Mozilla seamlessly into Evolution. I am trying to get it to
open up a new session using the 'default' session and initiate a new

5) Back when I had to use MS Lookout my signature would aways apply and
would apply right after my typed message (actually my signature was put
in prior to my typing; the curser would always be started above it). I
have gotten some complaints back from people that my header info (aka
contact info) is missing. Personally I think they can get over it but my
manager has told me to see if I can fix it. It is "corporate policy" to
have my signature always attached so If I could force all emails to have
it by default that would save me the effort of having to remember to
apply it.


Jeremey Wise
Jeremey Wise Agilysys com

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