Re: [Evolution] Setting the "from address" in evolution?

I have something like this in my mind.  The thing is that I would like
not to expose my original email address.  For this, I need to mask both
the From and reply-to address.   So, what you said only solves half the
problem. :-)


Sounds to me like you want to "munge" the headers, which is a much more
advanced idea than Evo allows.  To do this you are going to have to use
something more lower level than Evolution.  It would not be a good
practise for Evo to _easily_ send emails without a FROM header.  That
would be a sad day indeed as any John Doe could become a spammer.

Not really.  To do what I need to do, you need human intervention, and
human intervention means the rate of spam is very small.

You may need to write a text filter program to overwrite the "FROM:"
header with the "REPLY-TO" header and then strip out the REPLY-TO
header.  Some simple perl code should do the trick and then pipe your
message to `sendmail` for it to hit the MTA (sendmail/postfix/whatever)
to send it on it's way.

True.  But then I use remote IMAP and SMTP to send the mail. I do not
have a SMTP server running on my machine.

I doubt if procmail can be used for outgoing mail. Does not make sense.


People talk about using procmail to filter INCOMING messages, I'm not
sure if it could do outgoing.

Good luck,
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