[Evolution] Setting the "from address" in evolution?


        I would like to see how spammers are getting hold of my email
address. This is for my research...  Whenever I send a mail, I would like
to use a separate from address like I did here in this mail.
sudhakar+evolution cs princeton edu

Our mail server understands that sudhakar+evolution corresponds to

Now, **each** time I send a mail I would like to be able to change the
From field accordingly.  Is there a way I can do it in evolution?
Obviously doing this in settings is not an option. (It is a pain to do it.
But for research, it is worth the pain.)

In pine, I can set these options:
customized-hdrs=Reply-To: sudhakar cs princeton edu,
        From: sudhakar cs princeton edu

When I compose the mail in pine, the composer looks like:

  PINE 4.58   COMPOSE MESSAGE                     Folder: INBOX  416
Messages  +

From    : sudhakar+evolution cs princeton edu
Reply-To: sudhakar+evolution cs princeton edu
To      : sudhakar+evolution cs princeton edu
Cc      :
Bcc     :
Fcc     : sent-mail
Lcc     :
Subject :
----- Message Text -----

Thus, I can easily edit the mail headers.

How do we do it evolution?  Can I easily set the mails headers in

I am sending this email in pine. :-)   I would love to be able to do this
in evolution.


Sudhakar Govindavajhala                   Department of Computer Science
Graduate Student,                         Princeton University
Ph : (c) +1 609 273 8407                  (o) +1 609 258 1798

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