Re: [Evolution] Courier IMAP and virtual shared folders

fre, 18.06.2004 kl. 13.43 skrev guenther:

Oh yes, I'm happy. I still have ha current "wish" standing, for message
threading by ordered subject, though. I'm fed up with having to start up
Thunderbird to make any sense of the dspam and similar lists.

Tony, you might want to try a "hidden" feature. There is a GConf key to
enable fallback to thread by subject, if In-Reply-To and References
headers fail.

 GConf: /apps/evolution/mail/display/thread_subject

Although this is helpful for lists with a pretty high average
subscribers cluelevel, it can have a very bad side effect on newbie
posts with meaningless subjects...

Günther! Wonder of wonders, it works! (Not quite where you said on this
machine, but I found it). Hurray - no more Thunderbird :) It has some
good features that Evo should also have, but Evo has many, many more
good features. Thanks!



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but out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry.

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