[Evolution] Bugday!

It's been a long way since bugdays restarted early this year, and many
of you have joined us in the effort of a better Evolution by a better
bug database. In this few months the total bug count for Evolution
decreased from around 3200 to an actual count of close to 2700 in
despite that an Evo development version is in the works (which at some
point peaked at around 400 bugs by itself).
While there's no doubt about merits of Evolution hackers on fixing and
enhancing Evolution, there's certainly a good deal and hard work done by
the triaging and bug squashing made by community in old reports.
Now we are closer to Evolution 2.0 in a much healthier state an every
future version will benefit from this continuous effort on bugzilla
database. Thanks to each and everyone of you who have participated in
bugdays or by simply reviewing your own submissions.
OTOH, there are still enough reports to have fun!
As every Thursday we are waiting for you in this never-ending bug hunt
season,as usual, we'll wait for you from 9:00 to 19:00 on
Let's make bugs an endangered species. 2700 are still too many :-)

Gerardo Marin

Novell QA Engineer

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