[Evolution] Courier IMAP and virtual shared folders

Developers, List,

A while ago I filed an ITS and wrote to the list about Evo (I'm still
using 1.4.5 and see no chance of being able to update on this redHat
RHEL3 rig) not being able to use Courier IMAP virtual folders. That was
with CI versions up to 3.0.1.

In the weekend I updated Courier IMAP to 3.0.5 (necessary: bugfixes and
far better logging) and Evo suddenly saw and could use the shared
folders. I had set the Evo IMAP default preferences for a user to
"uncheck show only subscribed folders" and "override the servers name
space" and bingo, shared folders. I did the same for myself, but had to
restart Evo for that to take effect.

Courier IMAP has now a new sort of shared folders: file-system, as well
as virtual; I don't know whether those work with evo, but I suspect so.

I'd already complained about the Evo thing on the Courier list, so don't
know whether Sam Varshavchik of Courier took any notice of this.

Should I withdraw the ITS? It isn't applicable any longer :)))



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