[Evolution] Evo Hang on Network Problems

Sheesh... I don't want to start a round of "no it's not!", but I've noticed a couple of times that if I experience even a slight hiccup in the network, Evolution (1.45 on Gentoo 1.4-ish) croaks. I'm running in IMAP against a Microsoft Exchange 2000 server and often connect on the network directly and also over an obviously rickety PPTP VPN.

By croaks, I mean that it sits trying to retrieve a single message and can't. If I click on another folder, it displays a blank screen and never ever gets the headers back. Eventually, I see a message at the bottom saying "pinging <servername>." In order to get things moving again, I issue the "evolution --force-shutdown" command and restart. Poof! everything is normal again.

Is there any way to avoid this? Ideally I could just connect to the Exchange server periodically and download mail into a local file.... is that possible?

I also note that if I use SpamAssassin as a filtering tool (spamassassin -e) to identify and remove spam, it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to cycle through new messages and remove them to the spam folder. Would working from a file-based messaging database resolve this issue as well?

(who really doesn't care... dots or no dots)

Dan McGinn-Combs
dan mcginn-combs geac com
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Fellow, Geac Computer Corporation, Ltd.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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