Re: [Evolution] Evo 1.4.5 + Evo 1.5

For what it's worth, Philippe, I tried to install the dev snapshot about
a month ago, and it TOTALLY trashed my system so Gnome would not even
boot into a GUI.  It wasn't easy to bring it back to life by guessing
which RPMs to install via the command line, either.  My system was a
brand new RH9 installation at the time.

I assumed it was the particular snapshot I installed (looking at the red
carpet package cache, it looks like I installed the Dec. 9 snapshot),
and was considering trying it again today but until I see an answer to
your concerns about deleting older packages, I'm sticking with 1.4.5.

Anyone else?  Can we really use 1.4.5, 1.5 and RH9 together?  Is red
carpet the way to get it?


On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 07:04, Philippe wrote:

I would like to give a try to Evo Dev Snapshot 1.5.1. It has been said
that "it can be installed with evo1.4.5". They are not using the same
directory (evolution and .evolution). As I just want to try, and not to
put it in production, it seems that this is quite safe to do it.
But ...

Using red-carpet2, installing 1.5 requires the deletion of :

Ouch ... don't I need this one for evo1.4.5 ??... or for other programs.
Trying to remove then via Synaptic ... would remove half of my computer

So can we or not give a try to evo 1.5.1 using evo 1.4.5 in prod ?

Thanks to give an answer or a informative link if possible.

Eric Lambart <ximian nomeaning net>

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