[Evolution] Evo 1.4.5 + Evo 1.5


I would like to give a try to Evo Dev Snapshot 1.5.1. It has been said
that "it can be installed with evo1.4.5". They are not using the same
directory (evolution and .evolution). As I just want to try, and not to
put it in production, it seems that this is quite safe to do it.
But ...

Using red-carpet2, installing 1.5 requires the deletion of :

Ouch ... don't I need this one for evo1.4.5 ??... or for other programs.
Trying to remove then via Synaptic ... would remove half of my computer

So can we or not give a try to evo 1.5.1 using evo 1.4.5 in prod ?

Thanks to give an answer or a informative link if possible.

Philippe, Chiangmai, Thailand

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