Re: [Evolution] Evolution pilot conduit problem

On Tue, 2004-01-13 at 20:04, Ken Russell wrote:
I am running Suse 8.2 with KDE, and have installed Evolution 1.4.5 using the
Ximian Red Carpet installer.
Using the Pilot Settings dialog, I have successfully communicated with my
Handspring Visor and obtained the user ID. When I press the sync button on
the Visor cradle, communication is successfully established between the Visor
and the PC.
However I cannot get the conduits to work successfully.
Backup conduit seems to work OK, and backs up my prc and pdb files.
I can enable the MemoFile conduite, but when I sync, no memo files are backed
up (no error messages).
If I try to enable the ECalendar, EToDo or EAddress conduits (using Pilot
Settings dialog) I get an error message "Unable to instantiate <conduit_name>
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

If you want to see more error messages, one thing you can try would be
to run ps to find the gpilotd process, and kill it. Then start it up by
hand; the command (which you can see from ps) should something like:

/usr/libexec/gpilotd --oaf-activate-iid=OAFIID:GNOME_Pilot_Daemon

You can then hotsync again, and you'll see lots of information printing
to stdout.  This should give you a clue of where to look next.

  - Ian

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